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  • Fall of the Maya Kings

    Fall of the Maya Kings

    It is a story of ignoring climate change, unsustainable growth, power, war, and sacrifice that can now be told through new science, new technology, and for the first time – by the ancient Maya themselves.

  • Building Bastille – The Improbable Story of the Paris Opera

    Building Bastille – The Improbable Story of the Paris Opera

    In 1982 the new socialist French president Mitterrand opens a blind competition, to build an opera at the site of the notorious Bastille prison. The jury seems to have found the best design, by prominent American architect Richard Meier. Or so they thought. Until the Minister of Culture blanches and stumbles through the name Carlos Ott,…

  • Something in the Air

    Something in the Air

    Pollution is killing tens of thousands of people every day. Cities across Asia and in Europe have had to shut down and stop traffic to manage “Airpocalypse” pollution events. New research is showing that even the air in North America may be deadlier than we knew. Air pollution kills more people in North America than…

  • Nikola Tesla and the End of the World

    Nikola Tesla and the End of the World

    Nikola Tesla has been lost in the multiverse, using his device to travel through multiple versions of earth, trying to find his way home. Unfortunately, he has inadvertently built up a huge debt to the agency that manages inter-dimensional travel. After he disappears Harriet is recruited by the Multiverse Unification Agency to help Nikola in…

  • The Age of the Drone

    The Age of the Drone

    A combination of Military research and mass produced cel phone technology have enabled a new wave of domestic drones. plans to deliver goods to your door using drones and Google has designed a drone like no other. Farmers in Japan already spray 90% of soy crops with drones. But drones also raise many issues.…

  • Losing Our Religion

    Losing Our Religion

    Losing Our Religion is a feature length documentary about preachers who are not believers, and what atheists do when they miss church. Allowed access to the 600 members of The Clergy Project – a safe haven for preachers from all faiths who no longer believe – the documentary follows ex-members and clergy who are still…

  • The Prairie Diner

    The Prairie Diner

    In Season 3 he’s hitting the road, looking for the hidden gems of food and fine folk across the Canadian Prairies. So come along for the ride, have fun, and above all – Don’t Panic!

  • Remote Control War

    Remote Control War

    They fight the insurgents in Afghanistan and on the edges of Pakistan. They watch, they bomb, and they kill. Sometimes their vehicles crash, but the pilots  always go home in the morning. They are remote control warriors. The current campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan are the world’s first Robotic War. From almost zero when it…

  • MS Wars

    MS Wars

    For over a century and a half the medical community have developed protocols and systems for research and patient care, but in the 21st century medical research in Canada was derailed by two factors that no one saw coming:  Hope, and the Internet. Multiple Sclerosis is a cruel disease. There is no cure. In 2009 there was…

  • Eco-Home Adventures

    Eco-Home Adventures

    Like many small towns across Canada, Craik Sask. was facing a slow extinction and the future looked bleak. Then they decided to try something really out there. They subdivided an area outside of town and sold the lots for $1 each. There was a catch. You have to build and live there, off the grid.…