esemplastic (es-em-PLAS-tik) adjective

  • Having the capability of moulding diverse ideas or things into unity. From Greek es- (into) + en, neuter of eis (one) + plastic. Coined by poet Samuel Coleridge (1772-1834), (

Zoot Pictures Inc. capitalizes on its knowledge of interactivity and convergence in it's own film and television projects, as well as providing consulting as producer and creative concept development. Zoot Pictures produces projects such as the GEMINI Award-winning webisite,, and has developed interactive online educational resources, and a broad range of multimedia projects.

R. Leslea Mair has worked as a writer on a number of interactive projects, and is the producer of convergent series pilot Edible Shorts and its linked web site.

Leif Kaldor is one of Canada's leading multimedia consultants, with over a decade of experience across CD-ROM, Internet and gaming platforms as producer, executive producer and creative director, directly involved in the conception, financing, marketing, creative, and technical production of interactive products for the domestic and international market.

Leif is the past president of the Saskatchewan New Media Developers Association, and was chair of the Content and Charter Sub-committee on Heritage Canada's Canadian Online Content National Advisory Board. Leif was the producer of, the groundbreaking web site linked to Canada's most successful comedy series, Corner Gas.

Leif produced the online currency for the site which translated into auctions of props from the show. The concept was so successful that became an extremely sticky web site, with the average visit extending over eight minutes. Leif was also instrumental in creating the project Corner Gas Comic Genius, the world's first online comedy contest, ending in a live one-hour television special on The Comedy Network. Leif won a Gemini Award for Best Interactive for

Zoot Pictures Inc. specializes in design and production management of interactive and convergent projects, particularly on finding new and practical applications for existing and emerging technologies.

CORNER GAS and COMIC GENIUS are trade-marks of Prairie Pants Productions Inc. used with permission. Prairie Pants Productions Inc. is not associated with the site in any other manner.

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