Digging for Answers


One Hour Series

The ancient Maya city of Palenque in Mexico is notorious for its alleged spaceship - a carving of king Pakal, in a scene that some believe resembles the controls of a spacecraft.
Is it a spaceship? Did aliens visit ancient worlds?  Is there real evidence?


Archeologists David and Marijke are experts in the ancient world. Comparing Pakal’s tombstone with the evidence and recorded myths brings a far more interesting conclusion - the “spaceship” is the tree of life opening its underground roots for the king, passing on in death. Pakal is not rocketing to the stars, he is falling into the underworld - and leaving behind a city on the edge of a startling and violent collapse.

Digging for Answers is a one hour series that show where archeological myths come from, what we know about them – or don’t know – and then finds the real mysteries and amazing true stories lurking under amazing archeological finds. In temples, caves and mountaintops, David and Marijke get down and dirty, using new science and new technology to dig beyond the myths. They find the real mysteries and stories of great works and great mistakes that were lost – until now.

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